New Year’s Day 2016

Resolution 1: Write more

Day 20

Words written: None.


According to my (ex?) lecturers, I should have started this three years ago, so that by now I would have had a full portfolio, hundreds of followers and companies would be hunting me down, begging for my witty words to grace their publications. I could have supplemented my regular writing with incomparable international insights from my trips overseas.

Alas, this did not happen.

Three years and an entire Bachelor’s degree later, and I am yet to create my blog.

However, things are set to change. Now that I am not writing for assessment, hopefully I’ll be more inclined to actually write.

I am committing to writing a post once a month, some of which will I hope will be a topic of news. But may mostly decline into ramblings about life and my continual inability to adult.


Resolution 2: Read 30 books

Day 20

Books read: 2

This one I am doing better at, clearly. In order to make myself accountable, I intend to also write a monthly book review. And I have a Goodreads account to keep track as well. I hope that even once (if) I get a decent job, I’ll be able to keep reading. Last year I read 24 books, down from about 34 the year before.


Resolution 3: Go on an amazing European adventure

I have always planned to ‘go do Europe’. Now that I’ve finished my course, I figure there’s no better time for me, before I really get in to the whole full-time work, moving out, settling down part of life. I want to go have so many more experiences. Every time I travel, I can almost feel myself growing as a person and always learn so much about the world, and about me. Seeing first-hand the most incredible parts of this crazy blue planet, and all different forms of art is such an eye-opening, humbling and motivating experience. And I love the rush that new discoveries bring, I am constantly planning and finding new places to visit and things to do. This one is still in the development phase but I will definitely keep you posted. If everything goes to plan I will write a travel log here, we shall see…


I suppose I should finish this here. No one is reading by this point but that is okay. I am writing to write, for the mere act of stringing together letters and words in a tangible way. Sometimes you don’t even know what you think, or how you feel until you write it. Or at least that’s the case for me. Often seeing words in front of me reveal to me much more than chasing the thoughts around my head will ever do. And perhaps that’s all this will dissolve into, some strangely public insight into my mind with no real worth to anyone other than myself. But this too is okay, and maybe, if I’m lucky, I can help someone just feel as though they’re not alone in this world. That would be truly marvellous.