How to keep your friends after Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, these are the best ways to keep up that loving feeling throughout February (and the rest of the year!) – by being chill about the 14th and avoiding alienating your nearest and dearest.
Avoid posting feelings on social media
Whether you’re single or loved up, negotiating social networks can be a minefield on Valentine’s. Just try to avoid oversharing.
A great way to get rid of your single friends is to bombard them with posts about how in love you are and all the special things you and your partner have done/ said/ given. This is likely to make them feel forever alone and even inadequate. However, your coupley mates equally can feel dismissed and ridiculed if you unleash massive anti-capitalism/ anti-love tirades while they are just trying to be spend the day with their partner. So everyone, just take a step back and maybe don’t post your every thought for just one day.
Everything in moderation
I feel like this is a life rule, but is important to remember on occasions when emotions run high.
Just because you’re given a box of chocolate doesn’t mean you have to eat it all. By yourself. In the first hour. You will definitely regret it later.
Too much of anything is not recommended, including sex, especially if your Valentine is new in your life, so just chill. Everything will feel better if you just go with the flow a little. And if any singletons are feeling a bit depressed and decide to have a boozy Sunday, this too is important to moderate. Otherwise you’ll spend Monday feeling crap as well.


Lower dem expectations
There’s a lot of pressure to make big sweeping romantic gestures on Valentine’s, but realistically most people won’t be proposed to tomorrow. If you have made special plans with your special someone, be reasonable. Things are likely not going to go exactly as you imagined it, but don’t let yourself get upset and instead embrace the chance to see how good you are together at problem solving and laughing at yourselves. It might work out better than you thought possible.
This is also important if you have a crush or are not quite over your last relationship. As a kid I imagined receiving a Valentine from a secret admirer who would somehow magically turn out to be the boy I had a crush on. It never happened and I was always disappointed.
The best way is to have no expectations. That way everything is a surprise!
If you’re in the kind of relationship where you just want to touch each other and suck face all day long that’s great. But stay home and do it. At a restaurant or party or really any public place, keep the PDAs low-key and respect that no one wants to see you head on down to Saliva City with your significant other. And it’s likely to make you despised by any singles feeling lonely.
But if you are feeling a little lonely, spouting anti-Valentine’s sentiment and shooting death stares at every happy couples isn’t going to win you any friends or even really make you feel any better. So just breathe, smile and move on.
Celebrate all kinds of love
Romantic love is great, it really is. But so is friend love and family love and pet love and pizza love and any other kind of love.
Maybe spend the day with your besties, and tell each other how much you love them. Or buy flowers for your mum, as a thanks for everything she does. Try to recognise tomorrow as a day for all love and let everyone know how much you love them. It’s only going to be better for everyone if you share those warm fuzzy feelings around.
Let me know your top tips for surviving Valentine’s Day below, I’d love to find out!


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