Life Update #2

It’s probably about time that I update you on everything once more. More to force myself into accountability than because any one actually cares.

I am proud of myself for keeping up the blog schedule as promised, sometimes very few people read them. But that is okay, I am writing to write – not really to be read. Mostly I find myself in the last week of the month not having written, and then just write whatever it is that’s on my mind. There’s no great deal of forward planning, but that’s also okay, because it’s mine and I get to make the rules! And slowly but surely, the number of followers I have is growing – currently sitting at 13. So thank you all!

I’m nearly finished my 14th novel this year, which I am quite proud to say, and I have loved most of them! My review of The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul will be up soon as my May read. I have read quite a mix of genres and authors so far this year, and will be endeavouring to continue – rather than be sucked back into my contemporary YA hole where I am safe and comfortable. A complete list of my novels read this year can be found here.

I have finalllllly been able to leave my dreaded restaurant job, not for anything particularly thrilling, but better than what I have had. On the holiday front though, I am very excited!! There’s less than 40 days left until we leave – and that cannot come soon enough. We’ve booked all our flights and accommodation across England now, so just planning all the exciting things to do! If anyone has any suggestions for cool things we should do/ places we should go – please let me know!

Stay excellent x


Life Update #1

Given that we are now about ten weeks into the year, I figured it would be a good time to update anyone who cares on how my resolutions are going. I think that the only way to really achieve any goal is to make yourself accountable and check in every so often.


I have been writing here, clearly. Although it’s not been very frequent, it’s something. It is forcing me to be occasionally somewhat productive. I find it so easy to just waste my days away and not accomplish anything and this is me forcing myself to do. I’m not currently studying, and only working part-time in a restaurant so I need to be forced to use my brain once in a while.

I have been reading quite a lot though. I have completed seven books already this year, which, according to Goodreads, puts me one ahead of schedule. That makes me feel good! And for the most part, I have been loving the novels that I’ve read which is even better. My current favourite for this year is Ella Minnow Pea for which I will write up my March review soon. You can check on my progress here

The most exciting of my resolutions is yet to come though. I have convinced my boyfriend to spend his holidays with me in Europe! This means, however, that the trip will most likely be only around two weeks long – so we probably won’t get out of England. But that is okay- it will still be amazing! And since, I currently have no pressing work engagements, maybe I’ll stay a little longer myself. Still in the planning stages so far, as soon as he gets his passport we will be able to start booking things!

How is everyone else going with their resolutions?